My extended family gathers every summer to camp out in Ontario’s beautiful outdoors. This year, we visited Grundy Lake Provincial Park and spent the Canada Day Long weekend under the stars.

I absolutely love these camping trips. Not only does it give us time away from city life and the everyday hustle and bustle, it allows my extraordinarily large family to have a getaway together. Some of our best family memories have been made on these trips.


The Tree on Christmas Eve

Honestly, the holidays fly by so quickly that it’s hard to find time to stop and reflect on all that’s passed for even just a moment. Christmas was an absolute blast and our family was lucky that our power was restored before Christmas Eve and the big party at the Kwongs household was saved. Talk about a crazy ice storm. Fortunately, it meant that it looked like an absolute winter wonderland outside for a full week, especially with the trees coated with ice and looking like glass. Nature can be so vicious and yet so absolutely beautiful. In -20C weather, I ventured out of the house to take some pictures of the trees. Totally worth it.  (more…)