About Karrie

About Karrie

Karrie Kwong is Chinese-Canadian non-union actor and filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. Recent credits include What Really Matters (Yellow Daffodil Productions), Cunt (Humber College), and Cupid (Almost Elite Films).

She is coached by Tony Babcock at the IYA Studio for Actors, and has trained at the Second City and with other local Toronto coaches in film & TV, theatre, improv, and scene study. Karrie also has extensive experience in the advertising and marketing industry and graduated with an honours business degree from Western University.

She is the founder of Yellow Daffodil Productions, an independent production company dedicated to storytelling through film with an emphasis on female-led narratives and celebrating diversity. She is also a member of the Counterbalance Collective, a non-profit film development and production organization with a mission to foster women-led and women-focused content in all stages of filmmaking, create a welcoming space for craft development, and change the traditional norms of working in film.


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For film & TV bookings: andre@shortlistartists.com
For more info about Yellow Daffodil Productions: yellowdaffodilproductions@gmail.com
For more info about Counterbalance Collective: karrie.counterbalance@gmail.com 

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