EAF’s Christmas Dinner with Chef Scott Roberts


Christmas is just over a month away, and while I’m quietly stressing that the year has blown by in a blur, it means the flux of holiday parties and dinners is upon us.

To kick off the season of eating (because isn’t it, though?), my friends at Everyday Allergen-Free invited me over for dinner. Mind you, it wasn’t just any dinner. The menu was designed and served by Chef Scott Roberts, former head chef of Smoking Goat in London. Scott uniquely used each dish to highlight the different parts of a turkey and creatively accompanied the courses with locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients.

The best part? While many elements of the meal would usually contain common allergens that my best friend, Amanda, wouldn’t be able to eat, Scott crafted each dish completely free of dairy, nuts, peanuts, and legumes.


Of course, no Christmas party is complete without seasonally-appropriate, Pinterest-worthy decorations. The evening’s decor was sponsored by The Home Depot and I am completely obsessed with the white reindeer accent Joella used for the table centrepiece.



Head on over to Everyday Allergen-Free to dive into the full menu and see more drool-worthy photos of food!

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