Upper East Side in the Summer


Here in Toronto, we’ve had the privilege of an unseasonably warm fall season, but the cold of winter is finally starting to move in and I can’t help but think back to hotter days under the sun.

I love New York City in the summer. Before this year’s August long weekend in the Big Apple, my last two visits had been on the cusp of winter and spring. Snow and rain made for chilly walks through the city’s streets and I longed to see the trees in Central Park in full bloom.


Erin and I were lucky this year, as our planned day in the park coincided with one of the hottest days of the month. We had come prepared with long, flowing maxi dresses – perfectly suited for the weather and the Upper East Side aesthetic. The last time we’d been there, our sole focus was on finding the perfect place for brunch worthy of a Waldorf or a van der Woodsen. This time, we wanted to enjoy as much of the fresh air as possible.


Prior to our stroll in the park, we visited the exteriors of two of the UES’ most popular museums: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. To this day, I still haven’t been inside the Guggenheim, but it’s simply another excuse for me to repeatedly go back to NYC.

Just a few steps south is The Met. You can get lost in there for hours and manage to only see a fraction of the collection. Yet another reason to come back again and again.



For anyone who’s ever been a fan of Gossip Girl, sitting on the steps of The Met is a rite of passage. This year, we came prepared with yogurt and did our best impression of S and B while the hordes of tourists strolled up and down around us. During my first time here, I learned the hard way that there are virtually zero places in the area that will conveniently sell you yogurt. So come prepared. Grab a Chobani from Starbucks on your way and declare a throne for yourself on those iconic steps.


If I lived in New York City, I’d make it my personal mission to explore every part of Central Park. There is so much to discover in the vast landscape, especially during the warmer months when beautiful blooms like this Crape Myrtle tree appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

We parked ourselves underneath this tree for hours, enjoying the shade and the sounds of children playing nearby. I played Pokemon Go, using a Lucky Egg as I caught and evolved a bunch of new ones to add to my Pokedex. Every once in a while, someone walking by would notice the tree and stop in awe to take photos. And who could resist?




I’ve decided I want these trees at my future wedding. This is a notice to my future husband to find a way to make that happen.



I love watching people play with the model sailboats here. As we strolled along the Conservatory Water, we overheard a grandfather patiently coaching his grandson how to operate the boat. Needless to say, it was adorable.




As suspected, Bethesda Fountain was crowded with tourists, but it didn’t stop us from taking a moment to revel in the stunning view. It is, without a doubt, one of my most favourite views in the city.



Now that I’ve experienced Central Park in the spring and summer, I’m dying to see the trees in the fall, the leaves a smattering of red, gold, and orange. And although I really hate winter, I suppose seeing the park after it’s just been blanketed by a fresh snowfall is pretty high on my travel bucket list, too.

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