Camping at Grundy Lake Provincial Park


My extended family gathers every summer to camp out in Ontario’s beautiful outdoors. This year, we visited Grundy Lake Provincial Park and spent the Canada Day Long weekend under the stars.

I absolutely love these camping trips. Not only does it give us time away from city life and the everyday hustle and bustle, it allows my extraordinarily large family to have a getaway together. Some of our best family memories have been made on these trips.


Our campsites backed onto Gurd Lake, affording us a stunning view throughout the day and quick access to arguably the best beach on the campgrounds. With such a large expanse of sky exposed to us here, it was incredible to walk to the beach at night and take in the breathtaking number of stars that stretched above us.

Although the beach wasn’t very large, it was less busy than the main one, and we were able to play and lie out feeling as if we had a private stretch of water and sand at our disposal. Grabbing a campsite in the Poplar campground near this beach is definitely ideal.



Camping with my family is always like a getaway that is 10% focused on fun activities and 90% on food and eating. We bring a tabletop barbecue, multiple gas stoves, over 10 packs of bacon, and more food than we would ever think of eating during a normal weekend at home. It is as amazing as it sounds (although, not so much for our waistlines).


With Sudbury so close by and faced with rain on our first day, a few of us hopped into our cars and made the hour-long drive to the mining city to take a peek at the Big Nickel.




While we didn’t go inside Science North’s Dynamic Earth attraction, we had a great view of one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks just outside! That thing is almost 12,000 kilograms and 64 million times bigger than an actual nickel.

Thankfully, the rain disappeared after our little excursion, and we were free to frolic without a care for the rest of the weekend. Well, maybe not so freely, because there was an alarming number of mosquitoes (I couldn’t even count how many bites I came home with). But it was fun, nonetheless.





On our last day, we chose to hike the Gut Lake trail. Because we were a large group, the hike took us about 2 1/2 hours, but the campground site only lists the time at 1 1/2 hours. Go at your own pace! There are lots of beautiful spots to stop along the path and take in the scenery.






We can’t wait to start planning for our next camping adventure. Where do you like to go camping in Ontario?

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