Oahu’s North Shore



My trip to Hawaii with Jen was absolutely stunning. Perhaps my favourite part of the week-long stay was the time we spent up on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s important not to underestimate the power of having a rental car when exploring the island. That’s how you get to see some of the great pocket beaches that we found all along the coast.

We stayed with Jen’s brother for most of our stay in Oahu, but treated ourselves to a night at Turtle Bay Resort. Despite the resort being beautiful, I think I might have enjoyed the time spent getting there and back more!


Our first stop was Haleiwa. If you’re taking H2 up to Turtle Bay from Honolulu or Ewa Beach (where we were), this adorable small town will be on your route. Haleiwa is well-known for its shrimp trucks and shave ice stops, both of which are a must-try when in Hawaii.

I had heard that Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck was the hot ticket and to expect giant line-ups for their delicious plates of shrimp. Luckily, we arrived after the major lunch rush, and only had a short line to wait through. After tasting the shrimp, though, I can tell you that even a longer line would be well worth it.


We tried the Shrimp Scampi and the Lemon Butter Shrimp. The garlic in the Scampi was incredibly aromatic and super yummy to eat with the side of rice. At $14 a plate, the meal was delicious and filling enough to keep us going as we explored the rest of the town and continued our drive to Turtle Bay.


Dress: Urban Planet / Purse: Express / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Sandals: Ardene / Lip: ColourPop in “London Fog” Ultra Satin



Jen and I were thrilled to be reunited since our LA/NYC trip a year ago (I was moreso, because Jen is great at taking photos of me, hee!) #JKSlaycation


Another highlight of our Haleiwa stop was popping into North Shore Goodies and trying samples of their peanut butters. Their coconut peanut butter is to die for. So much so we both bought jars (albeit, mine smaller, since I only had carry-on luggage).


After sufficiently tasting all of the peanut butter, we hopped back into the car and found ourselves being drawn to a pocket beach along the side of the road called Three Tables Beach. We arrived just in time for the sun to break through the overcast. The sand was soft and fine, the water so blue.




This view was absolutely magical.

After a fun 24-hour stint at Turtle Bay, we took the longer way home down the east coastline. My favourite stop down this side was Laie Beach.



The spot was incredible. We were lucky again that the sun began to break through the clouds upon our arrival. The only other people there aside from us were a few young boys attempting to catch some waves.


Top: Ardene / Shorts: Urban Planet / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Lip: Colourpop in “Mars” Ultra Matte


Simply breathtaking.

Have you been to Oahu’s North Shore? Let me know your favourite gems in the area.

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  1. MMmmm, Giovanni’s garlic scampi, soo good! Lineups at Matsumoto’s for shaved ice is always crazy long too. Best shaved ice is at Uncle Clay’s in the Hawai’i Kai area. It’s like eating fresh fluffy snow.

    There’s a really good Thai restaurant up in Haleiwa called Opals next to the LnL’s. The owner lived/worked in Montreal at one time. Super friendly guy.

    Love the review! Mahalo!


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