Working For What You Want


The start of the new year always feels like it’s full of hope and potential. I feel extra motivated because I’ve finally nailed down my annual mantra.

2016’s the year I’m going to work on my Dedication.

As I’m getting older, the value of commitment and truly pursuing your passions is becoming increasingly clear to me. I want to exceed in so many facets of my life, but I’m learning the hard lesson that achieving my goals requires serious dedication, hard work, and willpower.

I recently rewatched all nine seasons of Scrubs and one of the quotes has greatly resonated with me these last few weeks: “Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.”

This year, my resolution is to work on my career, this blog, my relationships with family and friends, my health, and my interest in acting. Life’s too short to look back and realize you should have tried harder for the things that you wanted and cared most about.

So here’s to a hard working 2016 filled with dedication and success. Happy New Year!

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