2015 Gift Guide: Bookworm Edition


This week, I’m releasing a collection of gift guides I’ve curated in the process of gathering together my own Christmas wish list, focused on those travellers, bookworms, and fashionistas in your life.

If you’re looking for a special gift for that bibliophile in your family or group of friends, here are some ideas that may inspire you this holiday season. Bonus perk – they’re all under $100!

2015giftguide_bookworm_amazon© Imax Worldwide Home

Statement pieces – Books, especially those with beautiful covers, naturally make for great décor in any room. But whether there are shelves full of books or only a small stack, bookends make a great addition to your display.

There are so many decorative options for bookends nowadays. I love these Joseph Deer Bookends ($70.80 CAD) – they would look great on any shelf or desk. If your book lover is into nautical-themed décor, these Anchor & Ship’s Wheel Bookends ($84.99 CAD) are sure to be a hit. For the bibliophile who’s also a pop culture nerd, gift them with something unique like these Katana Bookends ($35.80 CAD). They’re also perfect for any fan of The Walking Dead!

© Society6

For curling up under – Reading is such a relaxing, de-stressing activity. It’s best complemented with a hot beverage and a comfy cover to keep you warm and snuggly as you unwind.

Plus up your reader’s home décor and reading game with a cozy throw from Society6. I love Society6 because you can support artists from all over the world while getting their art on super cool items. I’m currently obsessed with Elisabeth Fredriksson’s Art Deco Midnight design on Society6’s new line of soft fleece blankets ($49.00 USD) – I love the colours and it’s got strong Great Gatsby vibes. Make sure you surf around the site, because there are literally thousands of designs to choose from.

2015giftguide_bookworm_tylerknottgregsonTypewriter Series #325 © Tyler Knott Gregson

The written word that inspires – When someone’s writing affects me greatly, I like to note it down or take a copy so I can keep it and come back to it later. It’s why I reread Harry Potter all the time, why I scribble down quotes as I read new books, and why I collect prints from one of my favourite writers, Tyler Knott Gregson.

Not only does Tyler write a haiku on love each day that I have been following for years, he began writing out poems on old scraps of paper with his vintage Remington typewriter a few years back, and I fell madly in love. His writing is artistic, relatable, and often sends a shiver down my spine.

Give the gift of a print from Tyler’s Typewriter Series ($20.00 USD) that will not only be a unique piece of décor, but whose words may also inspire your reading friend. Find out how to order here. Tyler has also published a collection of his poems in Chasers Of The Light ($14.85 CAD) and recently released a collection of his daily haikus on love in All The Words Are Yours ($17.32 CAD) that are great additions to any library.

2015giftguide_bookworm_sony© Sony

Tune out the rest of the world – For the book lover who likes to read on-the-go or at their local Starbucks, sometimes the surrounding ambience can be distracting. No matter how absorbed you can get into a story, it can be difficult to block out someone else’s loud chatter.

Help them escape and focus on their book with Sony’s On-Ear Smartphone Headphones ($99.99 CAD). These headphones on my own wishlist are stylish, comfortable, and have great audio quality. Their smartphone capability means you can also use them to take calls. They’re also available in all black or white.

2015giftguide_bookworm_society6mugs© Society6

Caffeine is my best friend – Coffee and reading go hand-in-hand. That’s why Starbucks sets up shop in Indigo and why people love going to coffee shops to kick back with a latte and a great book.

Make it easier for your book lover to get their caffeine fix on-the-go with a unique travel mug they can bring anywhere. Pick one up from Society6 with a beautiful design, like Three of the Possessed’s Heavy Words 01 ($24.00 USD), Cat Coquillette’s Coffee on Charcoal ($24.00 USD), or Caleb Troy’s Reassurance ($24.00 USD). Again, make sure you surf around, because there are so many awesome designs to choose from.

© Indigo

Choose your own adventure – One of my favourite things about reading is that it inspires me to pick up a pen and explore my own story. For years, I’ve developed ideas here and there that could be passages in my own future novel. I hope to one day expand on them to create a full story and share it with the world.

Help your reader collect all of their brilliant thoughts in a beautiful journal that they can keep coming back to with their ideas, like with Indigo’s Feather Composition Notebook in Moroccan Blue ($9.95 CAD). I am in love with the beautiful cover.

Got any other gift suggestions for the bookworm in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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