2015 Gift Guide: Travel Bug Edition


Winter is coming and the holiday season is near!

This week, I’ll be releasing a collection of gift guides I’ve curated in the process of gathering together my own Christmas wish list, focused on those travellers, bookworms, and fashionistas in your life.

If you’re looking for a special gift for that frequent travel bug in your life, here are some ideas that may inspire you this holiday season. Bonus perk – they’re all under $100!

2015giftguide_travelbug_topshop© TOPSHOP

The carry-all – I like to travel with gear that is both functional and fashionable. When my purse just can’t carry as much as I need during a day of wandering in a new city, I need a backpack that is durable and goes great with my outfit.

A bag like TOPSHOP’s Pebbled Faux Leather Backpack ($65.00 CAD), with exterior pockets for those items you need quick access to (itineraries, lip balm, make-up), zipped interior pockets for your valuables (passport, tickets, money), and a roomy interior big enough for a camera and even a small, collapsible tripod, is a great option. A neutral colour will also match easily with almost any outfit.

2015giftguide_travelbug_anker© Anker

Extra juice – One of the worst situations for a traveller is having your smartphone run out of battery partway through the day, especially if you’re using it to take photos and editing them before uploading to Instagram, using Google Maps to check for locations, zipping around in an Uber, or just checking your emails for work. An external battery is a great way to pack a bit of extra power to get you through the whole day before you head back to the hotel for the night.

The Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 ($45.99 CAD) is on my wishlist this year – on my last trip with Jen, she kindly let me borrow hers whenever my phone was near death, and it was truly a lifesaver. Relatively lightweight and compact, it’s easier to carry around with you all day in your purse or backpack, and it can juice up your devices multiple times with a single charge.

2015giftguide_travelbug_scratchmap© Scratch Map

Dropping pins – When you’re a travel bug, adding another metaphorical pin to your map of conquests is a beautiful feeling. Marking it off on a beautiful, framed wall map is an even better one. Gold foil scratch world maps have been exploding with popularity over the last couple of years, and they’re still one of my favourite hot items.

The Deluxe Scratch Map ($32.95 CAD) makes a great decorative piece. You can also gift it with a (glassless) frame so it’s all ready to go.

2015giftguide_travelbug_photojojospotlight© Photojojo

Let there be light – Have you ever been served a beautiful meal at dinner one night, but failed to capture its true essence because the restaurant was just so damn dark? An in-camera or in-phone flash is sometimes blinding and terrible. And that candle on the table just isn’t bright enough. Running into a situation like this is literally a foodie traveller’s worst nightmare (well, maybe just mine).

But have no fear. Gadgets like Photojojo’s Pocket Spotlight ($30.00 USD) exist now, so you can give the gift of illuminating everything from that delicious plate of apple butter and aged gouda potato pierogies to the shining, smiling faces of your friends and family or any interior shot that isn’t blessed with natural daylight. Plus, it’s compact and works with a DSLR or a smartphone.

2015giftguide_travelbug_eccolo© Èccolo

Write it all down – A lot of things happen when you’re travelling, from major, incredible experiences to small, beautiful coincidences. Every moment is one worth remembering, but it can be difficult where there are so many of them.

Help them to never forget a single memory with Èccolo’s Watercolour Map Journal ($20.00 CAD) – on theme and on point. A lightweight soft-cover journal is great for use at home and away-from-home. It can also be used to jot down the trip itineraries and packing lists before you go.

2015giftguide_travelbug_indigoglobe© Indigo

Give it a spin – Trying to decide where to travel to next can be difficult (I mean, really, I just want to go everywhere). There are so many places in this world to see and discover… but maybe it could be as easy as spinning a globe, closing my eyes, and seeing where in the world my fingertip lands.

Indigo’s beautiful Large 10″ Black Globe ($69.50 CAD) is a perfect accent for any home or office. I also love that it can move in all directions. Let the inspiration begin.

Got any other gift suggestions for the traveller in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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