5 Ways to Reset


As I’ve gotten older and met more people, I’ve found that many of us tend to carry burdens that we never take the time to shake off. Why is that?  Why do we allow ourselves to be laden with worry and negativity?

I’ve taken to the belief that when we work hard, we deserve to take time for ourselves. Not only does this free our minds, but it’s the only way to ensure that we’re at our best to take on new challenges. Last week, I took that time to reset and prepare myself for what’s to come. I had been carrying around a lot of stress and unhealthy spite that I needed to release, and I’m immensely relieved to have let it all go.

If you’re looking to do the same, these 5 ways to reset may be able to help.


1. Clean out your closet

Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. If you’re looking to change out of your own skin, that can simply mean going through your closet and getting rid of old clothes that you just know you’re never going to wear again. The process itself is extremely satisfying, and the end result is a more manageable closet with space for new things to fall in love with. Last week, I pulled together a huge bag of clothes and several pairs of shoes to donate, and it’s as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


2. Catch up on sleep

We all know how important it is to get your beauty rest. Sleep not only recharges you, but it consolidates and strengthens all of your past experiences and everything you’ve learned, and improves your memory and creativity. Take time off or use a weekend to sleep in. Don’t set an alarm. Wake up naturally. Let the sun greet you. Stay in bed a little longer. And then make yourself a delicious brunch.


3. Read a good book

Losing yourself in another world while reading is one of the best (and healthiest) methods for escapism. For a few hours, you’re transported into another setting with characters to root for with their own set of problems to grow and learn from, which can also can help to distance yourself from your own. And when you’re done, things in the real world can seem to be a little bit easier to manage and take head-on. Sometimes, our minds just need a little break.


4. Spend an evening out with friends

I’m fortunate to be part of a group of friends that finds immense joy in celebrating each other’s achievements. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our own problems, we forget that it’s important to rejoice in our successes. Taking time to reconnect with your friends enables you to catch up with each other’s lives and empower you to remember that there are always accomplishments worth sharing and celebrating, and that feeling of pride for yourself and your friends can give you a much-needed boost of confidence. Great food, great drinks, and great company. Is there a better feeling?


5. Get outdoors

The city can be an engine of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, sitting by the water and listening to it gently rippling while the leaves in the trees around you rustle in the breeze can be a truly meditative experience. Read a book outside, watch the sunset, sit around a campfire… and you’ll be reminded what a luxury stillness is. Letting nature envelop you might be the best way to get back to basics and start anew.

This past week has been a great chance for me to pursue some of the many ways to wipe my slate clean. Today, I embark on a new adventure, and I feel ready to take on what comes next because I actually took the time to reset and give myself a fresh start.

What are some other things you like to do to hit your reset button?

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