Chicago – Pilsen Mural Art Scene


One of the best gems in Chicago is right on the northern edge of the Lower West Side in a little neighbourhood called Pilsen. This prevalently Mexican community is rich with culture, especially when it comes to modern mural art. Whether you’re a regular partisan of cool street art or just looking for some awesome photo shoot backdrops, Pilsen is the place for you.

Although murals can be found throughout the neighbourhood, a wide continuing expanse of murals can be found all along 16th Street between Wood St. and S. Halsted St. For any visitors to Chicago, it’s a definite must-see.


Artists have come here to take advantage of the blank concrete canvases to express their inner selves, creating beautiful pieces of work that are inspiring and worth delving into.



Although there are smaller pieces scattered between the large ones, it’s these massive stretches of artwork that lure you in and make you consider the magic of the creative minds that put paint to concrete to compose these masterpieces.




Going by foot is definitely the best way to take in all of this artwork. Park anywhere along the sidewalk at one end and just start walking, but I recommend starting on the west side for the bulk of the pieces. As you go further east, the frequency of murals begins to decrease.



This was my favourite, done by muralist and painter, Victor Reyes. I love the swirling of colours and that faces begin to take shape the longer you look at it.



This was definitely a pocket of the city that I’m really happy I got to see. Next time I’m in the area, I will definitely have to explore the rest of Pilsen to see the rest of the murals across the neighbourhood and visit a few local favourites for food and drink.

Do you know of any other cities that has a rich mural landscape like Pilsen? Let me know below in the comments!

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