Rise & Grind


Choosing a new theme to live by this year was almost too easy. I looked back on all of the moments that made me happiest in 2014 and realized that the things that gave me the most joy were the times I travelled, the times I tried new activities, and the times I got a good idea and just ran with it.

So in 2015, I want to live in Motion. It’s so easy to fall into a comfortable pattern of settling into stagnancy. Life this past year, for the most part, consisted of just commuting to work, working, commuting home, spending a few hours watching Netflix, going to sleep, and repeat. I want to live more actively in 2015, and here are my new year’s resolutions to get me there.

1. Keep Travelling 

I was lucky enough to travel to New York, Chicago, Paris, and London in 2014. I honestly and truly hate airplanes, but they have this magical ability to take me around the world and kick-start a new adventure. This year, I hope to continue travelling to some really great places – near and far. I want to revisit cities I love, but I also want to travel to new destinations. There’s nothing that gets me more excited than spending hours researching tourist attractions, great places to eat and drink, and off-the-beaten-path roads to take, before scheduling it all into my trusty itinerary. I want more of that in my life, and I’m determined to chase after it.

2. Dance

When I was younger, I always wished that my parents had put me in dance lessons. 2014 was when I rolled up my sleeves and finally enrolled in some myself and loved every moment of it. Not only was it a great source of exercise, it was just so much fun. Dancing to good music and burning calories at the same time – what’s not to love? Which brings me to…

3. Get Back To the Gym 

And this time, I want to try new workouts that will get me looking forward to going again, like swimming laps instead of hitting the elliptical. I also want to finally learn how to do proper weight training. Anyone want to teach me how to use all of the machines properly? I’ll pay you with warm baked cookies… but maybe that’s self-defeating.

4. Write More

This year, I really want to bring this blog to life. I want to share my adventures with the world and this blog is the best venue to do it. My hope is to post more frequently and even to open up about some more personal experiences here. I also want to work on a new novel idea I have and feel really confident about. There’s nothing like settling in at a Starbucks with a nonfat Oprah chai latte and hammering out a few thousand words at a time. My fingers are itching for the workout.

5. Stop Delaying 

I’m known to make a lot of excuses for myself as to why I’m not where I want to be, and it needs to stop. This year, I want to stop dreaming about what I want and start taking the steps to get it. I want to take more classes, I want to learn more, I want to write a 5-year plan with actionable steps to take, I want to put myself out there and challenge myself to make mistakes so I can grow and trip and fall and pick myself back up. I want to take the plunge.

6. Have More Fun 

I tried counting the number of times I went out with friends for a night out in 2014 and didn’t have to find a third hand to help keep track. I hope my friends can forgive me for being such a dullard this past year. Who’s ready to party with me in 2015?

2015 is going to be a good year. I can feel it in my bones.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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