The Ultimate Gift Guide For Her


Christmas is exactly a month away (what!?) and the holiday frenzy is setting in. I’m notoriously awful at picking out gifts for others, so while I’ve been busy trying to collect wishlists from my friends and family to start shopping, I compiled a short list of things I’ve been lusting for this year.

And if you’re not shopping for me this year, hopefully this guide can spark your imagination for the special girl in your life, whether she’s the street chic type, the party girl, the ever-commuting surburbanite, or the oh-my-god-I-hate-waking-up-in-the-dark sleepyhead. It’s all below the cut.

Monogrammed Leather Clutch


What’s a classier addition to your outfit than a soft leather clutch monogrammed with your initials? I especially love this Etsy shop that allows you to customize the design and colours. My favourite is what’s pictured (I believe that’s a red stripe).

Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case


The gorgeous artwork and cheesy idiom on this case say it all: there’s a classy-as-@#$% bad girl inside all of us.

Celebrity Autobiographies


Public transportation is the bane of many of our existences. For the ever-commuting girl… these autobiographies by some of the funniest celebrities in Hollywood are sure to make the train ride to and from work that much more bearable.

Stella & Dot Bracelets


These Stella & Dot bracelets encompass a single theme: be a powerful force to be reckoned with. These arm candy pieces can be worn together or separately and are perfect for nearly every outfit.

Earlier this year, my Courage bracelet broke (I think I caught it on something and it came apart) and it was the most devastating thing ever, as it was one of my most prized possessions. Must get another one.

Philips H3520 Wake-Up Light


I am most definitely a summer person, and the descent of winter’s darkness is one of the hardest things I battle with during the cold months of the year. Waking up for work in the morning feels like a practical joke when it’s still pitch-black outside – and it’s not for a lack of sleep either, because even with just a few hours I wake up completely fine on the weekends if the sun is out.

This Wake-Up Light simulates a sunrise to illuminate your room and works similar to the Sleep Cycle app – waking you gently by your alarm time so you feel refreshed and happy. You can even set a sunset simulation.

And if all else fails…

These stocking stuffer-sized gifts will still bring a joyous smile to my her face.

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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