2013 – A Year of Courage

Good Things in 2013

Every New Year’s Eve, I am in absolute disbelief that a full year has come to an end. Sometimes, like now, I even feel a sense of urgency at the idea, not yet ready to let a whole twelve months come to an end. And yet, the end of a year always signals the start of a new one, and since 2013 was full to the brim of memorable moments, I am also feeling great anticipation for 2014.

Last year, I saw something on Tumblr that I thought was a neat idea, and I just had to try it for myself.

Good Things in 2013

I used to post a series on Tumblr called “The Little Things”, wherein I would note down all of the great little things that happened in my life and remind myself to appreciate everything and everyone around me more. This seemed like the best way to turn the cause into a tangible keepsake that I could keep for the rest of my life. Now, after 364 days of writing down every little good thing that has happened and dropping it into the empty pasta sauce jar of mine, I’ve tipped out all of its contents for a trip down memory lane.

Good Things in 2013

This jar of colourful scrap paper has helped me hold onto some of the biggest and best things that have happened in 2013, but it has also reminded me of so many of the little things that have happened along the way, too: dinners at my favourite restaurant, late nights out partying with friends from work, watching Kyle learn how to walk, feeling on top of the world at some of the year’s best concerts – just to name a few.

And of all the big things that have happened this year, there are some that have shaped this year for me and just thinking about them puts a huge smile on my face.

  • Seeing Jesse Spencer perform with Band From TV
  • Being hired on as a full-time account coordinator
  • Karina & Russell’s wedding
  • Signing up for improv classes
  • Participating in the Princess Margaret Journey to Conquer Cancer 5K Run/Walk in my mom’s honour
  • Meeting Patrick Adams
  • Contributing to the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign and helping to make it all happen
  • Going to Chicago to visit Erin
  • Jen and Tonette’s visit to Toronto
  • Finally visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

In recent years, I’ve started each new year with a sort-of mantra; a phrase intended to challenge me and remind me of what’s important and what I aim to achieve. In 2012, it was Living Louder. In 2013, it has been Courage. Every day, I remind myself to live with courage – the courage to try new things, the courage to venture out of my comfort zone, the courage to say yes, the courage to say no, the courage to hold on, and the courage to let go. To be courageous every day is not an easy way to live, but it certainly makes it a life worth living. I have had a host of experiences this year that would have not been possible had I not chosen to be brave and to do the things I know that I’m meant to do. Without determination, I would have never made it to Chicago to visit my best friend. Without endurance, I would not have had a great year for my career. Without fearlessness, I would have never signed up for improv classes that have changed my life forever. Without courage, I would not be who I am today.

"Courage" by Stella & Dot

Recently, I got the “Courage” bracelet from Stella & Dot. Barring the fact that it’s a beautiful bracelet, the reason why I love it and will always hold it dear to my heart is that it will remind me to always be courageous. Even with a new year, with new experiences, new people in my life, I should always be courageous.

And so, even though it’ll be hard to let this amazing year go, I am ready for 2014. I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be a good one.

Happy New Year!

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