Step-by-Steps: Candy Cane Accent Nails

Step-By-Steps: Candy Cane Accent Nails

Christmas is less than 3 days away! If you’re anything like me, you’re hurrying to finish up the last of the presents and decorating the house for the upcoming annual family party. With such little time and so much to do before the big day, I’ve been looking for little ways to boost my holiday spirit to carry me through the last few days of the countdown. Thus, I bring to you a Step-by-Steps for cute candy cane accent nails. Quick and easy, it’ll add a burst of Christmas to your day in no time! 

Candy Cane Accent Nails How-To

What You’ll Need

  • Base/top coat
  • White & red polish (I used OPI’s “Alpine Snow” and “Big Red Apple”)
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

Clean, trim, and file nails. Apply a base coat.

Candy Cane Accent Nails How-To

Choose the nail you want for the accent design and paint it white. Paint the rest of your nails red. Let your nails dry completely.

Just going to note here that the “Big Red Apple” by OPI is amazing – smooth and dries quickly and it’s oh so juicy red.

Candy Cane Accent Nails How-To

Depending on how many stripes you want, cut thin strips of the masking tape and layer on top of your chosen accent nail. For a simple but classic look, I chose to do two stripes only, but you can do as many as you’d like, in as many widths as you’d like. Ensure that the tape is firmly on with no gaps and press securely into the grooves of the edges.

Take your red polish and paint! The thinner the layer, the easier it will be to dry and appear seamless with the white layer when you remove the tape. You may find that you need to paint sideways in order to fill in all of the blank spots.

Candy Cane Accent Nails How-To

Remove the strips of tape and apply a top coat when dry.

Candy Cane Accent Nails How-To

Ta-da! Instant adorable Christmas nails.

Are you all ready for Christmas? I’m on my way out now to pick up some more gifts and then treat myself to a massage. Yay, holidays!

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