The Weekly Round-Up: Christmas – You’re Doing It Right

It’s been a long and crazy week, so this week’s Weekly Round-Up is just going to be a feature on one of the most heartwarming videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube (don’t worry, I have a bunch of posts lined up for this week!).

Last Sunday, WestJet released the video for their “Christmas Miracle” real-time giving stunt. Some lucky travelers heading to Calgary from Toronto and Hamilton made their Christmas wishes to virtual Santa while waiting at the airport, not knowing that all of their wishes would come true when they arrived at their destination. The WestJet team went out and purchased everything from socks and underwear to a new TV from Best Buy during the course of the flight. They were then wrapped and delivered to the luggage carousel just as the passengers arrived to pick up their baggage. The reactions on their faces were priceless, and I think it goes without saying that I cried watching it unfold.

Talk about “surprise and delight”. I would have loved to be a part of the internal brainstorm that led to this idea. I imagine that, as soon as WestJet was able to set aside a given budget for this, it was just go, go, go from that point on. In advertising, you look for those ideas that just click and work. This is such a feel-good campaign for the holidays and a real, tangible way WestJet was able to have a bit of fun while giving back to its passengers. I think what sent me over the edge while watching was discovering that WestJet also gave out “Flights Home for the Holidays” as gifts. It’s such an obvious and easy thing that they have the power to give, but the impact and sentiment behind it is so powerful.

I think this video has won the title of Best Holiday Ad this Christmas.

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