The Weekly Round-Up: Shimmer & Sparkles & Everything Nice

The Weekly Round-Up w/o December 2nd

We had our office holiday party on Thursday and it was a ton of fun. The event had a Tim Burton theme – classic movies played throughout the night, several of the guys donned Batman masks, someone was wearing a giant rabbit head – and everyone got dressed up, in costume and out. Some even had a bit of fun with some crazy make-up (ghosts and skeletons, anyone?). The party was a great kick-off to a great month of celebrations. As the holiday party season ramps up, whether you are the hostess or a guest, make sure you’re ready to shine and dazzle into the night!

In case anyone is curious, I may have a gone a little crazy at Sephora earlier today, which is where almost all of this week’s obsessions can be purchased. In my defense, some of what I bought are Christmas gifts for friends, so that makes it reasonable… right?

In this week’s Weekly Round-Up…

  1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($23.00 | Sephora) – Smooth, creamy, and waterproof, this eyeliner is amazing. There are so many available shades, most of which are shimmery and super fun and vibrant. My favourite is the gold, with micro-sparkle to boot! I’ll be using it excessively all month, especially when New Year’s Eve rolls around.
  2. NARS Satin Lip Pencil ($30.00 | Sephora) – Choose a bold and rich lip colour for your holiday party, whether it be electric pink, luscious red, or a deep purple. I like the satin for its moisture, in comparison to some of the matte pencils out there. Fun fact: all shades of the NARS satin pencils are named after parks and gardens around the world.
  3. Lace Open Back Sheath Dress ($98.00 | Express) – No holiday party is complete without a knock-out dress. Even better when it’s in holiday colours! This dress, among others of Express’s party dresses are already selling out online, meaning it’s a race to the stores to grab the last few ones on the rack. It’s no wonder, given how elegant and stunning they all are.
  4. Cashmere Tattersall Scarf ($178.00 | Coach) – On your way to and from the party, make sure you stay warm with a gorgeous scarf, like this cashmere one (also available in three other colours). Ugh, it’s so beautiful! And soft. And lovely. And actually quite gigantic. I love it.
  5. Formula X Superwatts Nail Polish ($15.00 | Sephora) – Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Formula X’s nail polish for Sephora comes in an array of different textures and colours, but the Superwatts are by far my favourite. I would equate them as a less expensive alternative to the Deborah Lippmann that are just as attention-grabbing. If you’re wearing a black dress, these will especially come in handy (pun intended).
  6. Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliqués ($8.95 | Shoppers Drug Mart) – And if you would like to go a step above a fancy polish, these appliqués are absolutely the way to go. I truly believe that the universe has been playing games with me when it comes to these, because they have been out for about two months now and I still haven’t actually seen them physically in-store. When I got to try out the Jeweled Noir a couple of weeks ago, thanks to my dear friend Steph, I was floating on cloud 9. The stickers lasted me for over a week with minimal chipping at the edges (I voluntarily took them off in favour of a solid polish for Thursday’s party) and they garnered many oohs and ahhs from friends (not to mention several people compulsively touching them to feel the 3D jewels against their fingertips – it’s like a mini-massage for the fingers). Well, it turns out that even when the universe is against me, I’ve got incredible people in my life that will literally traverse the lands (aka Vancouver) and visit every known drugstore to hunt down these babies for me. I am, of course, referring to my friend, Tonette, who – since returning home to Vancouver after her Thanksgiving visit here – has frequented upwards of fifteen possible locations that sell these appliqués and subsequently purchased as many as she has been able to find for me. Below is the Instagram video I was sent, demonstrating the the fruits of her labour and the exact bounty she’s collected, which I am so, so, so lucky to receive. I would begin to question the sanity of it all if I wasn’t so eternally grateful. Talk about sweet gestures!

Will you be attending or hosting any holiday parties this month? What are some of your party-going essentials?


  1. Hola.

    I was about to message you on FB then saw this post. Following your blog made way more sense. 🙂

    Woot on the shout-out. The reason I’m posting is to inform you that in a Hail Mary return to one of the local Walmart stores, I hit pay dirt. They were late in the game, but they just put the Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliqués on display. As of yesterday, I so very giddily purchased the last two designs (Beaded Couture and Silk Rosette) to get you a complete set.

    I intend to return in the next couple of days to see if no one has discovered them as yet because there’s more stock to choose from (four of each design) versus the one or two of each usually left over at the various Shoppers Drug Marts I’m now regulars at. They already know what I’m about to ask as I enter.

    Here’s my question to you: While I understand you haven’t seen most of these in-store, judging from the thumbnails–ha! love the play on words here–do you have some you favor over others?

    In all honesty, when I found the 24K Brocade and bought a Jeweled Noir with it, I forgot I’d just bought two Jeweled Noir sets only a couple hours and several blocks earlier. There’s a stretch of West Broadway (kind of like Yonge Street) that has a Shoppers every few blocks. Four Shoppers, and two other drug stores later, I’d made a killing on Friday. Since the Walmart find, I have a chance to return duplicates if you don’t like them and I’ll see which of your faves are still in stock. Sound good?

    Feel free to question the sanity of it all. I think I already took on the challenge while we were still in Toronto. Remember that night we were at Shoppers and I got you and Jen the Urban Decay eyeliners? I was trying to scope the place for the nail art. Also went to every applicable shop at Eaton’s Centre while we waited for you before dinner. I haven’t been this excited over gifts since shopping for Nic and Izzy. Sane or not, it’s one of the things that makes me happiest. The sales clerks could see my excitement and then I got raised eyebrows when I told them the nail art wasn’t for me. HAHA

    Talk soon!



    1. Firstly, thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU, a thousand times over (again). I can’t say it enough times, and while I intend on paying you back for them, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express my gratitude enough to represent how I feel. You have totally warmed my heart and made this holiday season for me. I’m just glad you’ve been having fun along this quest! 🙂

      Secondly, I think the ones I’ve favoured the most are the 24K Brocade, Crown Jewels, and Silk Rosette. Judging strictly by the promo images, the Evening Garnet might be my least favourite, but I’m definitely interested to see what all of the shades look like in person, so having one of each to get the complete set would be nice. However, if you’re able to get your hands on more than one box for the above three, that would be awesome!

      Thirdly, if you and Jen have any interest in trying them out, please don’t hesitate to keep them – on me. I’ll e-transfer you the balance as soon as you let me know how many boxes you end up netting out with.

      Lastly, THANK YOU AGAIN. Sending love and hugs your way. xoxoxo


      1. Pfft. You’re not e-transferring anything. Just let me know where you want them mailed. It’s funny and not surprising you should mention the Evening Garnet as your least fave. Of the stores that had remnant stock, it was always that one!

        I’ll hunt those down. Those are usually the first to go for obvious reasons. 🙂


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