The Weekly Round-Up: Typewriters, Owls, and Batkid

The Weekly Round-Up w/o November 11th

I can’t believe this week is already coming to a close. I’m finishing up this post during the commercial breaks of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead (the Governor!!!) and it feels like just yesterday I was watching last week’s episode (actually… I did watch the episode yesterday, but that’s not the point). Even when the days rush by in a blur, the world is full of beautiful and amazing things that must be noticed. Here are some of my favourites from this week.

In this week’s Weekly Round-Up…

  1. Nina Campbell Fairfield Notebook ($7.70 | Chapters Indigo) – Designed by Nina Campbell, a renowned British interior designer, this gorgeous hardcover notebook is perfect for penning your deepest and most important thoughts. I can’t stress how badly I want this. It’s currently sitting in my shopping cart and I’ll be checking it out (along with a couple of book purchases I can’t wait to read) as soon as I’m done writing this post. There are four Campbell designs in total to choose from – perfect for gifting!
  2. Retro Orange Remington Riviera ($181.16 | Etsy) – Sweet Jesus, this typewriter is beautiful. I’m on the prowl for another writer to add to my collection as I put together this year’s Christmas wishlist. The ones produced in the 60’s and 70’s with the bright splashes of colour are intoxicating – if not this orange one, I’d love one that’s a royal blue, emerald green, or even a bright, sunshine yellow.
  3. Owl Glow Lamp ($39.00 | Urban Barn) – For the bird-obsessed, this lamp looks great turned on or off on a bookshelf or a bedside table. Super cute!joeymarkville
  4. JOEY Markville – My favourite restaurant has finally opened up a mere five minutes away from my house. My dad, brother, and I visited it for the first time yesterday evening and, as always, were blown away by how great everything tasted. Pictured above, I ordered the Mushroom Soup as a warm appetizer, The Beach salad (comes with strawberries, candied pecans, goat cheese, avocado, quinoa, and chicken), and the Italian Donuts for dessert (think: sweet puffy clouds with a lemony tang). The meal was absolutely heavenly. If you are in the area of any JOEY restaurant, I highly suggest you pay them a visit. Your tastebuds will thank you. Other menu recommendations: pesto shrimp flatbread, lobster grilled cheese, baja fish tacos, blue cheese sirloin.
  5. Batkid – This week, everyone read about the heartwarming story of Miles and his wish, granted by the Make A Wish Foundation, to be Batman for a day. Stories like this one remind me that there is still plenty of good left in this world. To see a whole city take action to make a little child’s dream come true is both moving and enlightening. I especially love Obama’s Vine video encouraging Miles and thanking him for saving Gotham.

Have you started putting together your Christmas wishlist yet?

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