The Weekly Round-Up: Elephants, Sparkles & Calvin Harris

The Weekly Round-Up 11/02/13

It’s been a crazy week! Halloween on Thursday was a lot of fun. Yes, I did end up dressing as Holly Golightly – here’s a fun little comparison photo I did. Unfortunately, many people mistook me for a flasher, but I swear I was wearing clothes underneath! Work was busy, as always, but we got a few things out the door, which was great news for the team. Today, I accompanied my brother to the fall open house at UOIT to learn more about the programs he’s interested in and walk around the campus and residences. I can hardly believe he’s almost done high school.

With all that’s been going on, I realized I wanted to start a new way to keep track of all of the things that come up (which I can’t stop thinking about) and share them with everyone. My Weekly Round-Ups are inspired by my lovely friend’s “Lust List” posts over at Leopard Is A Neutral, and will be composed of items I’m in love with and even movies, books, and songs that I’m currently obsessed with.

In this week’s Weekly Round-Up…

  1. Elephant Charm Necklace ($3.80 | Forever 21) – This adorable necklace is too cute to be true. I’ve recently become a big fan of complementing my outfits with small or minimalist pieces of jewellery and this necklace fits the bill perfectly. 
  2. Metallic Asymmetrical Hem Tunic Sweater ($59.90 | Express) – With the arrival of the chilly fall weather, I’ve finally begun to stray away from my usual summery dresses and opt for warmer clothing. These sweaters are great not only for their sleeve-length to keep my arms warm, but the metallic touch of sparkles instantly boosts the appearance of your attire for something a step above casual-wear.
  3. Calvin Klein Leather Satchel Handbag ($228.00 | Hudson’s Bay) – Donning thicker fall and winter jackets means my cute little cross-body handbag doesn’t really match any more. I’ve been on the look-out for a larger handbag and I think I’ve found the perfect one that also adds a bold flash of colour against the typical cold-weather browns and blacks. I haven’t splurged on this yet, but I’m dying to get my hands on it. It’s also available in black for a more classic-looking complement.
  4. “Under Control” by Calvin Harris & Alesso, featuring Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts – The summer radio hits may have faded away with the heat, but Calvin Harris and Alesso have come together to create an undeniably adrenaline-rushing dance number. The song is infectious and, honestly, I’d have no qualms with being picked up by Calvin Harris in a limo if I was stranded in a desert. Watch the video below!

What are some of your favourite things from this week?


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